Bambas Festival is the first comprehensive Brazilian Movement Festival in London bringing together master dance teachers, and master drummers to highlight the vastness of Brazilian movement techniques and histories. A platform for established artists to deliver the highest quality of dance and song, within and for, multicultural Britain. Celebrating Brazil in Britain - a transformative 2-day intensive of 8 varied classes with local, national, and international master teachers, live percussion, performances, nourishing refreshments and a social celebration.

'Bambas Festival is an immersive experience into the spirit & soul of Brazilian movement, music & culture in London.'

2019 dates to be release very soon!


“What a truly special festival this was. It was fun, physical, challenging, supportive, welcoming, warm, and so moving. It's not often I find myself in tears at events, but this was one of those times. I felt so good inside by Sunday evening! Thank you so much for bringing this happiness to London, for all to share, and for all of the dedication, organisation and the wonderful artists.”

— Barbara Grehs

“Thank you so much for such a great festival with a real Brazilian spirit, energy and heart! Perfect organisation, great teachers, very nice venue, beautiful performance and parties (I believe that the final one was even better then the first). 
It was a real pleasure to participate, to get acquainted with new talented people and meet old friends.
It's really good start and I wish the festival long and successful life!”

— Yulia Romanova

Riding high on Brazilian wave of movements
thank you amazing Irineu Nogueira & team for sharing this beautiful experience
— Toria Toria
“A fitting landing from Japan back to the UK! Abundant gratitude Abieié and team. Obrigada to all the masters who shared their knowledge, passion and joy openly. We closed with Xango but were and are blessed with the sun ....... with singing in my heart and the beats resounding in my body and on the soles of my tired but happy feet...Axé”

— Effie Duntu